Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Miss Sporty products

So this being a mom business really is tiring! And the lack of sleep shows pretty quickly. In the past month I've started getting spots again, I have gigantic bags under my eyes and there's a sneaky bald patch appearing.

I don't really pay much attention to my appearance and I'm not bothered by what people may think but the other day I felt like buying something to make me feel good about myself.

I am a total makeup noob. I have been wearing it in and off for a while but it has really been more off than on. I think the only time I seriously wore make up was when I invested in some Bare Minerals stuff and absolutely loved it. I just love the natural look, unfortunately for the time being that's abit out of my price range.

So with this in mind I popped into a chemist and went to the make up isle. I went straight for the one with the most attractive packaging, yes cheap marketing tricks like that do work! And I ended up by buying two things from Miss Sporty.

Because they weren't particularly expensive I thought I'd take a gamble on something I'd never used before and it paid off.

The BB cream is really light and easy to put on and blends quite well to a natural look. It obviously doesn't eliminate all imperfections because that's not what it's designed for but it does enough to make me feel less like a zombie. The powder just takes away that shine and has a slight glow to it which again keeps to the natural look.

I'm not writing this post to review beauty products because I am no expert but I am writing it to say how much little things really lift your spirits. Just the act of putting on the cream and powder make me feel a bit more human again and like I have time for myself. I am incredibly lucky to be raising my baby in a house with so many people, there is always someone there to pick her up and give me some time for myself so it's quite nice to have something to do with that time!

Anyway that is all I wanted to say! On Friday there is an update on my blanket project! Until then don't forget to say hi!

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