Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Home tour

Have you ever wondered what our flat looks like? No? Well that doesn't surprise me but here's a peak into our home. This is inspired by my lovely friend Sarah over on the frugalhandmadehome blog. Now this flat is a MASSIVE downgrade from our place in Plymouth. For less money in Plymouth we rented a one bed maisonette with a massive galley kitchen full of hidden lights, soft close cupboards and even a pantry. Our living room was more than adequate with a fireplace (we also had a fireplace in the kitchen!) and we had a little study area and a massive bedroom in a converted attic with inbuilt storage and water views. I absolutely loved that flat.

Up here however, everything is more expensive and for more money we have a much smaller and less grown up place. The good news is that we can move in six months and afford something nicer. Anyway don't judge and here we go!

We live on a top floor flat but at least we have our own front door and don't need to share a hallway. Past experience has shown that neighbours don't care to clean the communal hall and it is always messy and horrific. Our downstairs neighbour is a lovely elderly gentleman so no problems there. The stairs up to the flat are a lot wider than in Plymouth so that's a plus...
So at the top of the stairs we've got a looooong hallway leading to the kitchen which is at the back and the bathroom. Right at the top of the stairs we have the bedroom to the right, also facing the back and the living room facing the front. I absolutely love my mirror and coat hanger and is one of the few bits of furniture I bought from new...also the WardThomas EP is thanks to the other half for interviewing them yesterday for the radio. Also I am well aware of how horrible the hallway runner is..
Excuse the table which is a bit out of place but this is my first ever wood painting project and I hate doing anything creative without watching t.v so even though I have a reading/craft room everything is actually done in the living room. So the living room is kind of divided into the human half and the animal half. As you walk through the door the two vivs are right in front against thee window and to the left the massive cat tree. To the right is the human corner which, who am I kidding, is also owned by the cats...

Pretty standard living room stuff... Currently looking for a corner sofa...I need to be fully stretched out to watch t.v...also I love my rug which was from Ikea. They were getting rid of that line so it was super cheap.
Not much going on outside the living room window but I love my owl candle holder.

Our living room is L shaped and in the corner we have the cat tree facing the stairs up to the attic. Now the attic is a death trap.

See how horrible these stairs are? They are not build to council regulation and I have lost count the amount of times I have fallen on them...I avoid going up there.
I'm not gonna bother with the attic too much. It was initially going to be a craft/reading room but it just ends up being a dump room.
Moving on to the bedroom. I'm not a big fan of the wallpaper but I am getting used to it and it doesn't bother me as much. The room is quite small but I don't spend much time in there anyway. We do have storage issues though and that is why we have this bad boy!
Yep an ottoman bed! It's the best thing ever!

We don't have a wardrobe yet mainly because we wouldn't be able to fit a decent one in this bedroom. I also use the bedroom to dry clothes. Also do you notice that massive yellow stain on the wall? The bad weather got us and we had a leaky roof..The bedroom, hallway and bathroom now have a yellow tinge... As soon as the walls dry they are being repainted.
Erm...pretty standard bathroom I guess... Not huge but then again don't really need a huge bathroom...

And finally the kitchen. I hate having cluttered counters but we don't have many cupboards and because of height issues I can't access anything on top of cupboards or on the cupboard above the cooker...anything up there is dead to me so a cluttered counter it is. Also I love my toaster and kettle I got them while I was still at uni and they are one of my favorite things.
Lots and lots of green and orange in the kitchen. My grandmother sent me tones and tones of orange and green kitchen utensils. 
Now we don't have an outside space so I have made the kitchen window sill into an indoor allotment. I've got peppers, coriander, parsley, basil, chives, cress, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and spring onions.

Anyway that is pretty much it. It's not the best place I've lived in but at least I know that very soon we can move to somewhere nicer and not so central. Hope you've enjoyed snooping around!


  1. Lovely tour.
    I think it's a lovely place to keep you going, like you say it's only you two and the animals. Onwards and upwards as you start looking for your new pad, you never know you could even up living near me :)

    x x x

  2. Your kitchen is bigger than mine, having few storage is good it means that you only keep what you use everyday. It stops you buying things just because they're cute.