Thursday, March 13, 2014

Quick craft

I've been challenging myself to be more creative. I've never been particularly good at crafting or drawing or anything home made but for this year I've decided to practice, practice, practice. Some of  my creations have turned out a bit freaky like the guy below.
He is pretty freaky. I spent a good few hours one evening trying to make this guy after watching a Kirstie Alsopp programme about paper crafts. I made the mistake of showing it to Danny and now he won't let me live it down. The point is I am determined that by getting stuck in and trying different things I'll find what my forte is. So I've decided to create something at least every week.

This week I decided to spruce up my wool tin. I used to have my yarns on a side table but they kept getting covered in cat hair so I started storing them in a celebrations tin. I decided to paint it because every time I saw the tin I craved chocolate and it didn't turn out too bad. 

I apologise for the pictures in advance but I didn't think I'd be blogging it. So this was the end product:

Nice and simple and because it's not exactly on display there was no point in adding too much detail. I used Wilko's own grey mat paint - the same I'm using for a bigger project.

I think this tin was something like £13 which is not bad. It has done two full coats on a big dining table and there's still over half the tin left. For the tin I just needed two coats and that was enough to cover the pattern from underneath. 

I'm really rubbish at calligraphy and pretty writing so for the "wool" I just used a calligraphy creator online and used geese proof paper to trace it. I transcribed it onto the lid and then used a sharpie.
And that is pretty much it. It took me less than an hour since the paint dried so quickly. I may add some cat silhouettes to the side of the tin but I'm pretty happy with how it is.

Even though this was not a particularly difficult project it's enough to keep me on my toes and keep me creating things!

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