Monday, May 18, 2015

Baby Ema - 1 month update

Ema was one month old on Saturday. It's crazy how fast time goes! Seems like it was only last week I was terrified going into hospital to be induced.

Just a few hours old

This past month has been a huge learning curve and I definitely would not have been able to cope without Dan and my family. All of us are completely in love with  her and she knows it! In the past month she has gone from a tiny newborn that wasn't even sure how to sneeze to a baby that smiles at every white wall and is constantly trying to chat away.

Now, I have to admit that I'm still slightly terrified of bath time. I've only actually bathed her myself a couple of times myself and leave my mum to do it most times.  We found out she loves bath time so long as she isn't on her back but is instead leaning over your arm like in the picture above. She also becomes fascinated by the bubbles and splashing. All quite adorable really...

Like most babies Ema found her crying voice pretty quickly. Her vice is laptime. Because there are so many of us around to give her attention she has gotten used to spending her awake time on someone's lap either drifting off or making faces. If I put her down and she's in a mood she'll cry but as soon as I move the blanket and start to pick her up, her face lights up and she starts smiling and making faces.

As for night time we have been co sleeping. It started off mainly because of my laziness and it was just easier to leave her asleep next to me after a feed instead of moving her and having her wake up again. However we rather like it. I am aware that quite a lot of people are against this practice but there are also tonnes of people for it. At the end of the day t hey are only little for a short  time and won't want to cuddle for ever so I may as well take advantage now!

So that is my Ema update for the month. In a couple of weeks we have a G.P check up and I'm dying to see how much weight she has put since birth (she was 3.3kg) and we also have our first vaccination which I'm dreading a bit in case she is uncomfortable.

That is it from me for now. I hope you enjoy reading my adventures into motherhood as much as I enjoy writing it. Thank you for reading and don't forget to say hi in the comments!

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  1. Family should always be "spoiled" with love and care, the moments together should build happy memories and make us stronger.
    Happy co sleeping guys xx