Friday, May 22, 2015

Netflix addiction of the month

Hi, my name is Claudia and I'm addicted to Netflix.

O.K, it may be a bit over the top to call myself an addict but I do spend an ungodly amount of time on Netflix. Although I do enjoy watching the odd movie on there, my favorite genre is the documentaries.

I'm a big fan of Louis Theroux and his series exploring American subcultures. I have however watched every single episode of every series as well as the standalone documentaries. So I needed to find something else.

Enters "Unplanned America".

This is a series where three Australian friends travel through America and explore the subcultures. The only fault I find with it is the length of each episode. They cover one topic per episode but split it into two sub-topics which are both covered in a 20 minute episode. While the topics are always quite interesting the short episode running time means they don't go into much detail which really is a shame.

Despite that I am really enjoying the series. It's one of those shows that you can watch while doing something else, in my case feeding the baby or failing to get her to sleep, and still keep up with what's happening. And the Australian accents are always a plus too!

I've also just found out that the show has a website ( where you can find blog posts of about their american adventure. Season 1 is up on Netflix and they are currently filming season 2 and 3 so hopefully there will be more to watch soon!

Anyway that is it from me for now, I need to go find a new show to obsess over! Thank you for reading and don't forget  to say hi in the comments!

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