Friday, June 5, 2015

Scrap Blanket Update

Remember that blanket I spoke to you about last week? Well it's not going so great anymore...

You may remember that my aim was to just use up some wool I already had and not go out and specifically buy wool for it. I've stuck to that but because I'm so adamant on not spending money on it, it has gone a bit weird.

I've ended up making 33 squares before I ran out of the colours and instead of trying to find yet more wool and add even more random, uncoordinated colours I decided that to make up the rest of the size I would do a granny border around it.

So first I played around with the square alignment:

Tried this first but didn't quite work

Then I settled for this

After deciding the order I then had to weave in the ends and join the squares. That's when it started going all wrong! I have never had to join these many squares before and I made sooo many mistakes. Even though I fixed them the blanket is still lumpy!

See, lumpy!

Any normal person at this stage would have probably given up but I had already spent a tonne of time on it. I mean it takes me about 20mins to make each square, that times 33 is 660 minutes or 11 hours! 11 hours making squares! And this doens't even take into account the darning and joining! Anyway I am fully aware that lots of people often make blankets with 100+ squares but this is new to me! 

So because of all that effort I decided to continue and add the border.

As you can see I went for some Ice wool, purely because it has pink and grey in, two of the square colours and also because I've had it for ages and don't really know what to make with it. 

The blanket is still not done and I will finish it and I will update you but I'm 99% sure that once finished it's going in a cupboard to never be seen again!

Have you ever had a disastrous crochet project? Feel free to show it to me on the facebook page or twitter and don't forget to say hi in the comments!


  1. Lucy at Arttic 24 talks about clocking her crochet items and I bet that would do the trick on you blanket.

    My disaster crochet project? Well I am glad you asked... My mother asked me to crochet her a hat. "sure" I said.

    We measured her head and she went off to the yarn shop while I searched online for a suitable pattern in a suitable size.

    The hat turned out beautiful... in the most icy blue color, it was gorgeous. Only thing was it didn't fit. No word of a lie it was 5 tries later when I finally gave up. Even though the hat measured the right size it never fit her hear and she went out and bought one... oh I felt terrible but what could I do?

  2. I saw that on her blog! I must try and be a bit more patient!

    I cannot crochet hats! Exactly the same happens to me no matter how much I try. My husband keeps asking for me to crochet him a hat but I refuse! Just can't do it!