Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Happy House Snaps : Downstairs Edition

Hello everyone,

I woke up this morning after Ema projectile vomited all over me and as I was walking down the stairs slightly grumpy, I noticed that there are some parts of this new house that just lift my spirit. So I grabbed the camera and attempted to take some photos.

Now bare in mind that I am really not good at taking house photos...

This is our entrance. The little cabinet was my mum's project. She took an old bed side table and painted it white. I think It looks really nice as a little support table. On it there are some "sea-finds" which is only fitting for the area. The mirror I bought back in Plymouth at the Futon Co. and love it!

Here is above the fireplace in the living room. That giraffe canvas was at "The Home Store" and had to be bought. The rest are things that we have had for a long while.

On to the kitchen and this is the top of the Kallax unit. There is a joke that we are addicted to Kallax from Ikea because we have three in the house... but they are such a practical piece of furniture! The little bee I crocheted on a whim while watching Batman. The little pots are from Tiger Stores and the wild plants were caught in front of the house.

Super colourful kitchen as always!

When we moved in these strawberries were almost dead but a bit of water and they are growing. Next summer we will have a pretty good crop which undoubtedly Lily (the collie in the photo) will eat before we get to it.

Finally a picture of the shed at the back of the garden. The solar powered lights look really pretty from the kitchen window at night and the hammock is a really comfy place to be even in the rain as it's sheltered. Also the sunken trampoline is pretty fun!

So that is it from the Happy House Snaps: Downstairs Edition. I think I'll do an upstairs edition soon and eventually will do a series of before/after pictures of the house. 

Thank you to for all her hard work into making the house so pretty and cozy!

Until the next time!

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