Monday, July 6, 2015

My little absence

Hello everyone!

This is just a quick post to keep you all updated. I am sorry I have stopped blogging regularly specially because it coincided exactly with an increase on blog views! 

Anyway these past few weeks we have been organizing a pretty big move which we have been executing over the weekend.

We have been living in south Dublin since moving to Ireland (apart from the years I have spent in England) but as the family has now merged it was pretty obvious a bigger house was needed. So we decided to go crazy and completely change our lifestyle.

Here in south Dublin we have been living in a typical state in a typical suburb living typical lives. Now we have up and moved to the other side of the city, and even though we are much closer to the city center, it is a different world.

This is the 4 bedroom cottage that will be our home for at least the next year. To the back and side is a big farm with horses and chickens. And to the front water! Here is a picture of the cottage in yellow in perspective to the water:

So like I was saying, even though we are much closer to the city center, the feel is utterly different. It feels like we are n the countryside yet we are so close to the estuary and the beach that we can walk from home to the water in our wet suits!

This is just a short update on what's been happening. I will be posting lots about this move as we have done quite a lot of decorating on the inside, however I will be again not posting anything for a while as we are having issues getting internet access to the cottage. As soon as everything is back up and running regular posting will resume!

Until the next time!

P.S. that's the sunset from the front door!

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