Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Newbridge house and farm day out

Hello everyone,

This week we have had our cousin visiting and as it's her last day here with us we thought we would go explore the Newbridge Estate. It's only five minutes down the road and I knew there would be goats, so I was all up for it. I was not disappointed!

Newbridge Demesne is an early 18th century Georgia estate and mansion. It is set on 400 acres of woodland, pasture and watercourses.

The whole area is stunning. We didn't visit the actual house but this is what it looked like from the outside:

This is only the front but the building extend quite a lot to the back!

Anywho, we went in mainly to check out the farm animals. We were greeted by tonnes of friendly chickens, goats, horses, cows, sheep, peacocks and water fowl. The animal part was so much bigger than I expected!

Five day old goat.

All chilled out...

Oh yes, they have a famous pig..

Daniel casually making a goat friend

This spotty guy had such an adorable-ugly face

We got quite close and personal with a pregnant cow...

I have a tone more photos but sadly I didn't take a camera so they are all phone quality.

All in all we really enjoyed the afternoon and had we been more prepared we would have taken a picnic and enjoyed the grounds around the house a lot more. I really can't wait until Ema is able to enjoy these outings instead of spending the afternoon napping in the sling!

If you are around the Dublin area and want to have a look at the house here's the website: http://www.newbridgehouseandfarm.com/joomla/

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this quick post. I would love to hear about your favourite days out, feel free to leave links to your posts.

Until the next time!

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